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The Case of the furry HVAC



  1. The HVAC – although turned on – was not producing cool air
  2. Customer’s energy bills were increasing quickly
  3. Unpleasant odor was blowing into the house through the ducts


When our technician tried to enter the back yard – a large dog began to bark. Little did our technician know that he had already located the source of the problem. The large dog and the HVAC unit were sharing the small back yard. The dog played every day, as dogs do – while the HVAC unit sucked air every day, as HVAC units do. Each time the dog lost a hair – the HVAC unit picked it up by its’ sucking action. Eventually the HVAC unit became covered with all the hair the dog had shed. No air could penetrate through the thick coat of dog hair covering the HVAC unit.

Without air supply to cool the system, the HVAC system began to work too hard, sending into the house odors of burning dog hair mixed with burning engine oil.

The harder the system was working – the more energy it was requiring.

The technician was surprised that the system’s engine did not burn.


Our technician peeled the dog hair coat off the HVAC unit and cleaned the unit. He vacuumed the dog hair out of the whole system
The customer moved the dog to another part of the yard.

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