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Redmond Air Duct Cleaning focuses on ensuring that your air ducts are clear and clean, and that they are circulating safe and healthy air into your home and office. Most of the air in your home or office passes through your air ducts before entering your living and work space. As the air flows out of the ducts it carries with it particles of whatever may be in them. Mildew, mold spores, pet hair, dander and urine, rodent hair and refuse, insect particles, dust with dust mites, and various other pollutants are commonly found in air ducts. These agents may often aggravate conditions such as asthma, allergies, nasal congestion and headaches, and increase the dust in your home, forcing you to spend your precious time dusting more often.

Allow Redmond Air Duct Cleaning to clear, clean, decontaminate and sanitize your ducts using our high power HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filtration system, a rotating power brush for scrubbing duct walls, and EPA registered and approved microbiocidal solutions to sanitize and inhibit re-growth of these toxins and pollutants. We at Redmond Air Duct Cleaning understand that clearing your mind of worries about the air quality in your home or office is as important as cleaning your ducts, so we warranty and guaranty our work. To ensure constant air purity, we offer and install a UV light disinfectant device. We also offer all sizes and grades of electrostatic filters with lifetime-warranty, which are washable and reusable (avoid buying expensive disposable filters several times each year).

Our technicians are experienced, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, and are happy to spend time with you explaining the problems, solutions and process. Call Summit Clean Air today at 425-519-9993 or Contact Us online, so everyone in your family or office can enjoy a clean, safe and healthy environment. Our Representatives are standing by to assist you with a convenient appointment.

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