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Frequently Asked Questions

When I fill out an online request, how quickly can I get an appointment?
If a time slot is available – we may be able to service your duct system the next day. However, it’s a good idea to submit a request as soon as you decide to clean your duct system.
How much does it cost?
If no price is posted for the service you require, please contact us. A representative will assist you with any questions you have concerning the process and cost.
I always use air purifiers. Why do I need my duct system cleaned?
An air purifier affects only the immediate area in which its’ located. A clean duct system affects the entire home. Annual negative pressure maintenance cleaning is helpful. Cleaning your filter every two months or so will help keep your air clean (and keep down your energy bill).
How does the technician clean my duct system?
Two (2) methods may be used to clean your duct work system:
  • Negative Pressure method: We cover and/or block all the supply vents. We keep one vent uncovered to allow air passage. Next we connect a Negative Pressure machine to the Furnace and vacuum. This process remove the dust and the loose debris accumulations in the duct system.
  • Deep cleaning method: We connect the Negative Pressure machine the same way as described above. We insert a brush through each vent scrubbing off the debris that is attached to the walls, while the negative pressure machine is vacuuming the debris out of the duct system.
If I have a concern after my duct system has been cleaned, who can I contact?
Please call toll free: 1-844-892-8303 to speak with a representative.

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