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Crawl Space And Attic Cleaning In Chula Vista California

Preventing Bad Odors Is Just One Of The Many Benefits Of Calling Us For Crawl Space And Attic Cleaning in Chula Vista

crawl space and attic cleaning in Chula Vista California - Summic Clean AirThe technicians at Summit Clean Air have successfully tackled more than 5,000 projects that involved ducts and crawl space and attic cleaning in various neighborhoods and business locations in Chula Vista. As a family-owned and operated business, we continue to serve locals who require professional air duct installations and repairs and professional attic and crawl space cleaning by implementing strategic procedures to boost customer satisfaction.

Also, since we’re NCI certified, you can rely on the techniques that we use to clean your attic or crawl spaces. And you can count on us for a variety of important services such as furnace care, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and a whole lot more!

Our Crawl Space Cleaning Solutions In Chula Vista

We handle the bagging and removal of old insulation and debris that can build up over time. We also remove all rodent droppings and we will get rid of your old vapor barrier. You can also expect water extraction and dry out solutions as well as sanitize and deodorizing with special enzymes.

What happens next:

Our crawl space cleaning services in Chula Vista also include inspecting your air duct seals and repairing and resealing air ducts as needed. We then block off any locations where rodents may potentially enter your home and we install new crawl space insulation, new air ducts, and new water pipes. And if that wasn’t enough, we will also install your new vapor barrier.

Our Attic Cleaning Experts In Chula Vista

Over time, problems may develop in an attic in spots that are tough to access. We tackle attic cleaning tasks by thoroughly inspecting various zones where rats typically roam. Our goal during situations that involve pest invasions is to remove any insulation that’s contaminated or damaged.

Safety first!

Safety is very important throughout these jobs, so we always use hoses to remove contaminated elements that are lodged in narrow areas in an attic.

We also tackle cleaning tasks that need to be done following major attic renovation projects. By using vacuums, we’re able to quickly extract dust and debris that decrease air quality in an attic. If a lot of debris drops after an old roof is removed, we’ll implement other procedures to get rid of the large pieces. Then, a HEPA vac will be used to gather all of the dust particles that a traditional tool can’t extract.

Call Us To Keep Pests Out!

Because rats can seriously harm insulation while contaminating key zones, our services can be very beneficial following a pest invasion. However, if a major pest problem isn’t resolved on time, a typical homeowner may have to deal with tons of debris and severe damage after crawl spaces are inspected. In order to avoid this problem, you should get rid of the rats and work with our crawl space and attic inspection technicians whenever you notice gaps in the crawl spaces and gnawing on the paneling.

In short:

We are a reputable company that provides services for crawl space and attic cleaning in Chula Vista to homeowners and business owners. We never cut corners during attic inspection projects; instead, our crews use commercial-grade tools to produce professional and reliable results. If you need attic cleaning or an air duct inspection for a home or commercial building, contact Summit Clean Air today.

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