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About Summit Clean Air:

Family owned and operated Summit Clean Air serves households in the Carlsbad, California area by promoting more comfortable and safe indoor breathing environments. If any of your loved ones suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, you’ll appreciate the vital importance of our mission. We help customers enjoy fresh, healthy indoor air with our expert crawl space and attic cleaning in Carlsbad.

Our well-trained technicians sanitize vents, ducts, crawl spaces and attics to remove noxious deposits of dirt, grease, mold and grime. We’ll transform your air quality by eliminating materials which contribute to lingering odors, dust, and pollen buildup. We warranty and guaranty our work! Call us now to schedule a fast, courteous service call between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (Monday through Friday)!

Enjoy A Fresh, Invigorating Residential Air Quality

Crawl Space And Attic Cleaning in Carlsbad California - Summit Clean AirWhy do customers value our assistance? Just consider some of the most important reasons:

  • Recent studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have established indoor air pollution sometimes occurs at two to five times the rate of outdoor air pollution
  • In some cases, the EPA has discovered 100 times the number of air contaminants indoors
  • Poor indoor air quality can contribute to discomfort, causing eye irritation, headaches, coughs and allergic reactions
  • Summit Clean Air provides free inspections
  • We offer reliable vent, duct and attic cleaning to enhance indoor air quality!

Our Crawl Space Cleaning Services

When you schedule a free crawl space inspection, our technicians will examine crawl spaces in your residence to help evaluate air quality. You can ask us to remove cobwebs, debris, worn insulation, rodent droppings and other grime.

During a crawl space cleaning session, we use specialized tools to sanitize crawl spaces. We also seal these areas against rodent and insect infestations and establish vapor barriers. If your family members or home service personnel ever need to access the crawl space, they’d greatly appreciate our efforts to maintain this part of the residence in good condition!

And be sure to ask us about our air duct cleaning in Carlsbad to ensure optimal indoor air quality.

We’ll Help You Enjoy A Clean Attic, Too!

Our skilled teams of technicians also perform comprehensive attic cleaning. You can request a complimentary attic inspection to determine whether or not we should begin working on this area of the residence.

Ask Summit Clean Air to remove dirty insulation, vermin droppings, dust, and debris from your attic to help improve indoor air quality. We’ll also install new, clean insulation to help you maintain control over high utility bills. We can also perform expert services for air duct repair, replacement, and installation in Carlsbad!

Other Services We Offer

We’ve completed over 5,000 residential and commercial projects. As a National Comfort Institute Certified HVAC Contractor, our firm offers several other key services, too:

  • Air duct cleaning and sanitizing;
  • Indoor purification systems;
  • Dryer vent cleaning (or re-routing);
  • Exhaust fan duct cleaning;
  • Duct installation, and more!

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Our valuable services improve the daily quality of life for residents in this community. Carlsbad sometimes endures hot, sweltering environmental conditions. Yet we’ll help you maintain the indoor comfort of your household throughout the entire year! Take action now to make certain your residential air quality remains odorless and refreshing by scheduling regular duct, vent, attic and crawlspace sanitation appointments with Summit Clean Air, your local experts in crawl space and attic cleaning in Carlsbad California!

To speak with us about our services simply call 425-516-7558 now. (Our office remains open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) You can also book an appointment easily online at any time.

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