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When you need air duct services in San Diego, there is only one name you need to know: Summit Clean Air!

We are your top choice for all your residential and commercial duct needs including air duct repair, replacement, and installation. Our highly trained technicians who are licensed offer indoor air purification services in San Diego and surrounding neighborhoods.

Air Duct Repair Solutions From Your Local Experts

Out of sight, out of mind can lead to big problems when air ducts are involved!

Homeowners shouldn’t overlook their air ducts because they are behind walls. Just as the air ducts are responsible for transmitting heating and cooling into a home, they can also transmit air pollutants or debris into a home. Cleaning these air ducts or replacing worn out systems will help ensure that the air that circulates into your home is safe and clean.

air duct repair replacement and installation in San Diego - Summit Clean AirFailure to repair or replace faulty duct systems can have some serious implications such as:

  • Disruption of the flow of clean air to some or all rooms of the building
  • The warm air found in the crawlspaces of a building contains moisture which makes it a comfortable nesting place for critters such as bats, birds, rats, and squirrels
  • Higher energy bills due to the loss of energy
  • Unsealed air ducts will allow pollutants from the attic into sensitive rooms like bedrooms and kitchen. Obviously, this is a ticking time bomb if not corrected promptly
  • The warm air with moisture from the damaged ductwork can cause unpleasant odors in the entire house, weaken or swell the wood, and eventually invite termites
  • Pollutants from the spoiled ductwork carry fungi, odors, dirty cold or warm air, harmful fiber, and rodent droppings or particles

So You Decided To Take Advantage Of Our Expert Air Duct Installation Services In San Diego, Now What?

You have many options of different air duct systems to choose from. Whether you want to replace old air ducts or install new systems for new construction projects, here are some of the most popular types of duct systems available:

  • Galvanized Metal Ducts: This type of ducts are configured and installed into a building during the construction process. The ducts start from the furnace through to the vent in every room.
  • Flex Ducts: These are made of ribbed foil to be used in tight spaces of residential or commercial buildings. This particular type of duct is available in various grades like basic duct and pre-insulated ducts. The flexibility of the ducts makes them move freely and experience tears that end up loosening insulation. To avoid losing a lot of energy, a homeowner should conduct flex duct inspections on a yearly basis.
  • Dryer Ducts: The ducts are for exiting heat and moisture from the laundry dryer. Our technicians will assess the situation of dryer ducts so as to know whether to reroute them to make them shorter or add lint traps depending on your structure during air duct installation project. And don’t forget, we also offer top quality dryer vent cleaning services.

Important Notice About Asbestos Ducts!

Asbestos is dangerous because its fibers can cause diseases. If your ducts have been made of asbestos, you should have them replaced immediately. Our company has the right skills and gear for handling the removal and replacement of asbestos ducts safely.

Air Duct Repair To Keep Your Home Smelling Clean And Fresh

Summit Clean Air offers regular inspections for your air duct systems to help you avoid incurring expensive problems when the ducts clog. In situations where your ducts need to be repaired, you can count on us for fast, reliable and affordable solutions.

Our air duct repair services in San Diego encompass resealing, re-insulating, and replacing damaged or worn out duct sections.

How You Can Benefit From Our Professional Air Duct Repair, Replacement, And Installation In San Diego

Summit Clean Air is locally owned and operated in San Diego. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to offer excellent services coupled with friendly customer service. We use advanced equipment and offer affordable air purification services and conduct free in-home estimates before starting a project. Contact Summit Clean Air today for quality air duct services in San Diego. And don’t forget to ask us about our expert services for crawl space and attic cleaning in San Diego! 

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